Have you ever thought “What if…”? I did lots of times. When I became a student of Management and Administration department at my university, I was 100% sure that I’ll be a great manager in some future. I had awesome teachers there, and I never regret going through my student years, but at the end, I realized that being a manager isn’t what I truly wanted.

All my childhood I planned to find and build a stable and successful career. While my friends were dreaming of being a teacher, dancer, painter and whoever else, I wanted to be an economist. Or did I? Can people at the age of 17 decide what they want to do and learn? Can someone help to find the right answer? Do you think that 1-2 prof orientation tests and a talk with a psychologist will be enough? There’s lots of discussion on how to help children find their way, but most of us think about success and finances in the future. So when your child tells you he wants to be an artist or musician, will you let him spend 20 years of his life trying to catch that success? Or will you try to talk him into being a lawyer, doctor or programmer?

Back to my experience, I graduated with Master Degree in Business Administration and Management with Honors. But I already had a plan of becoming a designer, putting my diploma in my perfectly finished projects. From my students years, I knew how to find and learn information without any help. It wasn’t easy and sometimes discouraging, but I was happy. When you do your job, and you love it, you found your place. With time I’ve got to like drawing and painting as well, and now I’m on my learning way to becoming a digital artist.

I started this blog to share my experience and my works with everyone, and encourage you to change your life.